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How Technology Can Make Your Small-Cap Portfolio “Click”
August 7, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – Technology, while imperfect, continues to advance humankind, relieving our concerns about health, comfort and safety more effectively. Technology can help get us where we want to go, and let our loved ones know we arrived safely. Investment in technology propelled stock markets worldwide to dizzy new heights at the end of the last century, and the decline in the fortunes of some technology companies accordingly caused a dip in market fortunes from which we’re only now seeing a recovery.

Shining Through Dark Times: King’s Bay Gold Corp. (TSX-Venture: KBG)
July 7, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – More moderate events precipitate for a moderation in gold prices; the current $900-U.S.-plus readings for the shiny yellow metal mark this era as one under the Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Winnipeg-based King’s Bay Gold Corp. aims to profit from these interesting times by helping its investors find value in its more interesting finds.

Online Trading – What Type of Investor Are You?
June 13, 2008 ( – There are different types of investors who take control of their own destiny and trade stocks online. These types can be defined across many variables including their investing goals and their investment timeframe. Where you fall within these two variables will determine which type of investor you are. And which type of investor you are determine the investing strategies you use as well as the tools that will help you the most.

Lowering Your Risk-Factors in Penny Stock Investing
May 22, 2008 ( – We love Penny Stocks for the excitement of the fast movements and the potential for the huge 100% or more gain in a day or week. If you have spent any time analyzing or investing in penny stocks, it can be downright boring to track a NYSE issue. Of course, we could all do without the high risk factors associated with penny stocks.

Small Caps Feasting On Solving The World Food Shortage
April 21, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – Economics used to be known as the “dismal science”, for once upon a time, its practitioners made projections that were almost uniformly gloomy. In the early 19th century, the population was thought to be climbing at a rate faster than available land to produce the food needed to feed those new mouths. Only when agricultural and medical advances caught up with these population trends did the hunger problem cease to be so persistent.

Mining For Moly: Bard Ventures Ltd. (TSX-V: CBS)
March 31, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – Aside from being a tongue-twister, molybdenum is a mineral resource that all of us owe a debt of gratitude to for our mere existence. To underscore its importance, scientists believe that early low levels of molybdenum deep in the Earth delayed the evolution of life by as much as 2 billion years. Its most important use, before we set foot on our planet, was as a micronutrient for bacterial life.

Shining As Gold Peaks: Grandview Gold Inc. (TSX:GVX)
March 5, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – It may not be something out of a country song or a poem, but when it comes to gold, the rush is certainly on, what with gold prices skyrocketing in recent months.

Biotech / Medical Sector Special Report
February 24, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – An often overlooked but important and lucrative industry for investors is the Biotech/Medical sector. In this sector, the main focus is the well being of humans and animals. For companies, the payoffs can be huge if a large pharmaceutical company takes notice of them, or if their drug is approved by the FDA, Health Canada or any other countries governmental drug gatekeepers. Once a drug or medical technology is developed, pre-clinical trials are initialized. The companies then go through a series of trial phases, where the drug or medical technology is put to the test.

Future Tech Trends, And What Small Caps Will Benefit From Them
February 14, 2008 ( Media, Inc.) – It’s impossible to predict anything, that old philosopher and baseball player Lawrence P. Berra is alleged to have said, especially about the future. But if small cap investors aim for future growth and an interesting portfolio, perhaps even Yogi himself would urge you to look at several trends that are more in evidence these days, trends investors of all stripes ignore at their peril.

Where Have The Bond Market Mavens Gone?
December 13, 2007 ( – We’ve been puzzled by the Bond markets performance in the face of a highly inflationist Fed. Where have the bond Mavens gone?

Heavy, Solid Value: Gravity West Mining Corporation
October 16, 2007 ( Media Inc.) – Metals such as uranium have played an important role in the history of the Western World. The rich uranium deposits in Canada proved pivotal in the development of the atomic bomb, bringing the Second World War to a swift conclusion. Depleted uranium is also used in kinetic energy penetrators and armor plating, and with more of an emphasis being placed on nuclear energy as an alternative source of power in some locales, peaceful uses for uranium are becoming more obvious.

Oil Stocks As A Long Term Investment
September 28, 2007 ( – The demand for world oil is increasing while world reserves are decreasing. This is a known fact. The current price of oil can certainly confirm this statement. Consensus also agrees that we will never see $25.00 oil again. The logical conclusion to our above statement is oil stocks should be a good long term investment. However, the location of the oil companies' reserves can affect their bottom line and valuation.

Gold Stock Market Quote says BUY!
Sept 4, 2007 ( Media Inc.) – Weak hands capitulated in a panic sell-off whilst the fundamentals became even more bullish. So what’s next for Gold Stocks? Gold Stock investors have taken it on the chin lately. The fact that market turmoil strengthened the bullish case for Gold was of no consolation to investors as their Gold Stocks got Smashed.

Exploring the World of Rare Earth Metals
August 8, 2007 ( Media Inc.) - More common metals such as gold, silver, iron, zinc, lead and copper are well-documented in financial pages such as this, and for good reason. But let’s focus for a moment or so on the lesser-known rare earth metals, those materials with many applications in our daily lives, investing in whose makers can boost the portfolios of those with an eye for value.

With Renewed Focus, Lateegra Gold Corp. is Seizing Near Term Opportunities
June 18, 2007 ( Media Inc.) - While many Gold exploration firms seem locked into properties with only long term and future out year development possibilities; one emerging gold company is taking a different approach, with a focus on advanced stage properties.

Oil & Gas Sector Special Report
June 4, 2007 ( Media Inc.) - Global energy demand is ever increasing, due in part to the industrialization of huge developing countries like India and China, but also combined with overall world population growth. Add in the fact that fossil fuels are limited on the planet.  These two core realities spotlight the Oil & Gas Sector, for its historic success and future investment potential.

Depth and Diversity of Mining Properties is Key for Golden Chalice Resources Inc.
April 12, 2007 ( Media Inc.) - Mining is a key Canadian sector and one junior mining exploration Company is making a bold move and gaining Industry Notice. When looking for mining opportunities, the old adage still holds true today, “return to areas near formerly successful mines”, as a starting point.

Environmental Small-Caps - Investing In A Green World
February 21, 2007 ( Media Inc.) - Many scientists believe global warming is fast becoming a looming crisis. Global warming of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans has been on a steady upward climb since 1850, with the industrialization of the world. The root cause has been traced back to the burning of fossil fuels, resulting in greenhouse gas concentrations.

The Zamora #1 Well Positions Texas as Possible New Frontier for Oracle Energy
January 31, 2007 ( Media Inc.) - With its demonstrated natural gas heritage, the reentry into the Zamora #1 gas well located in the rural Deep South Texas county of Zapata holds promise. This region, which borders Mexico, appears ripe for increased energy exploration and production, aided by today's technological advances.

Aiming to shine yet again: UC Resources (TSX Venture:UC)
Jan 17, 2007 ( Media, Inc.) - As all roads once led to Rome, more thousands of pairs of eyes and more thousands of shovels are setting their sights on Mexico as the place to strike it rich. The youngest of the NAFTA trade partners remains the world's largest silver producer, and industry experts remain bullish on both gold and silver, which are hitting new historical highs. Investors who have gotten in early with other emerging Mexican silver and gold producers have been handsomely rewarded with significant stock appreciation.

Canadian Oil Sands Could Fill Rising U.S. Demand for Energy
Dec 15, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - determination to cut production rather than increase it, Canada's oil sands are becoming a more viable resource to the United States. Recently two energy companies, TransCanada and Patch International, announced strategic developments that could in the oming years help reduce America's dependence on OPEC.

Aiming for the gold-medal podium: Jourdan Resources (TSX-Venture:

Nov 09, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - Canada's economy has traditionally been resources based, its people known as "hewers of wood and drawers of water". Companies in the lumber, petroleum and mining industries have prospered in this environment. It should come as no surprise that a newcomer of the mineral field is out of Quebec. Jourdan Resources, based out of the small town of Val d'Or, is hard on the trail of gold and uranium reserves in its backyard, and hoping to gather up enough momentum to step beyond that into even richer reserves.

Finding Hidden Gems in the Ore with North American Gem, Inc. (TSX-Venture:

Oct 30, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - Mining for Uranium, Molybdenum and other core metals including Copper and Gold are noble endeavors for the junior exploration company, North American Gem, Inc. With market capitalization of 10.1 Million and Outstanding shares of 46 Million, the Vancouver BC based company has extensive operations in Alberta and British Columbia that span six Mining Projects.

High Value Gold Properties Propel Canarc Resource Corp. (TSX: CCM, OTC-BB: CRCUF)
October 19, 2006 ( Media Inc.) - Gold prices, even after achieving a meteoric rise earlier this year, are still at historically attractive levels. While gold prices may be fluctuating, one Canadian Gold Exploration and Mining firm, based in Vancouver, is still bedrock solid.

Mighty sound prospects in Ecuador and Mexico: Lateegra Gold (TSX Venture: LRG)
October 6, 2006 ( Media Inc.) - It may not be with the excited, almost naïve, rush of Klondike days, but the battle to find new gold reserves and bring their contents to market remains a fiercely competitive one.

Exploring for Silver and Gold in Mexico's Sierra Madres with UC Resources
September 19, 2006 ( Media Inc.) - The character of the Sierra Madre Occidental is more than a scenic mountain range following the Pacific coastline and adjoining the Mexican plateau. The area has been for 400 years, one of the most prolific gold and silver regions in the world.

Oracle Energy Corporation: Searching For Oil Around The World
August 28, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - In the ever competitive world of energy, one Vancouver based company is raising eyebrows and expectations as it establishes itself. That company is Oracle Energy Corporation, a junior energy company active in the exploration and development of oil and gas projects internationally. Oracle is placing its stamp on world markets by exploring and drilling in countries off the beaten track.

Commerce Resources Corp. (TSX Venture: CCE): Exploring For Tantalum in British Columbia
August 9,2006 ( Media, Inc.) - Vancouver-based Commerce Resources is on the rise again. The company is developing their Blue River Project with a particular focus on the unique metals tantalum and niobium.

Journey Resources Corp.: Results in North and Central America
July 18,2006 ( Media, Inc.) - Digging into the ground to uncover a treasure can be lucrative, but also fraught with risk. How does one know that breaking ground, delving into mud and rock, will not leave the digger with nothing but… mud and rock. Even the largest mining company need a hand to make sure they can make back their development costs, which often means establishing aggressive production expectations to see an early return on investments from a property.

Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp.: It Satisfies One Of The Most Basic Human Needs - To Be Hydrated.
June 21, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - With the move toward a more health-conscious society, one concerned with weight, having clear lungs and preserving the quality of life, water, in all its forms, plays a vital role. So competition among outlets producing beverages - the non-alcoholic kind - remains fierce. It should hold no surprise, therefore, that one of the fiercest competitors in this derby hails from Canada, home to almost a quarter of the world's freshwater supply.

UC Resources Ltd.: Mining In Resource Heavy Mexico
May 11, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - "All that glisters is not gold," William Shakespeare taught us. But even the Bard would agree that having at least a little of it in your purse, particularly in the volatile times in which we live, is a good thing. Gold, and silver, the other precious metal, appreciate during political or economic uncertainty. Investors can benefit from the current bull-run in these precious metals by investing in those rare gold & silver companies which are aggressively growing, and have secured large land packages with mineral riches, and are moving into production.

WestHawk Development: Finding A New Way To Mine Coal
May 10, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - Time was when coal truly was king, and not just in nursery rhymes. Entire communities were mined and laid waste to in previous centuries, before alternative sources of heat and light were found that could surpass coal's properties. Not that coal has ever gone away as a serious fuel source; just that its importance has been de-emphasized in recent years as consumers and producers have focused on the rise and fall of the price of petroleum.

Riding The Wave With Today's Junior Uranium Companies
May 5, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - It all started with a letter from Albert Einstein in 1939. The scientific giant, then teaching at Princeton University, was writing President Franklin D. Roosevelt, extolling the virtues of uranium as the substance of a weapon that would revolutionize war, and urging America's Chief Executive to put the creation of such a bomb in motion - before Adolf Hitler got the same idea, and acted on it.

CCE: Digging For Tantalum & Niobium Deposits
February 26, 2006 ( Media, Inc.) - Analogies such as “getting in on the ground floor”, when inducing investors to “buy low, sell high” seem to apply to Vancouver-based Commerce Resources Corporation. Its products are substances a lot of us have probably never heard of, metals called tantalum and niobium, thus bearing the lowest of low profiles. But if bargain hunters hearken to this special report, they may find a new issue truly worth their while.

Habanero: Pulling The Oil Out Of The Sand .
December 19, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) -The habanero chile is the most intensely spicy chili pepper of the Capsicum genus, according to folks well versed on this sort of thing. Its colours range from green (when young) to white, brown and pink to orange and flaming red when mature. These chilis, originating in Cuba, can rate upwards of 300,000 Scoville heat units, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, making them a staple item of hotter sauces and spicier foods.

PUDC: Leading China's Steel Market .
December 7, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) -At a time of year when the most prized commodities are gold, frankincense and myrrh, it goes a bit against the grain to be touting the exploits of a company whose main product is coal. But, if investors can halt psyching themselves for the holidays for just a moment, they may wish to have a gander at yet another China-based company, one that thrives on producing just that.

TBYH: Supplying The Cellular Demand.
November 22, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) - From the cute rings that herald their conversations to the high-decibel volume of the people who engage in those conversations, cell phones are among the most irritating, and yet, most popular inventions ever. Everyone, it seems, needs one, sometimes more than one, for making dinner appointments, arranging business get-togethers, just to let family and friends know they're on the way, or just to chat (even in the middle of heavy traffic).

MLTO: Providing Health Solutions To The Hispanic Community.
November 9, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) - People in general, and businesses in particular, ignore a socio-economic trend very much on the rise, that more and more Americans have Spanish as their mother tongue than pretty much any other language, excepting English. It is a trend that George W. Bush used to his advantage in both 2000 and 2004, by courting votes among the Hispanic community to win the White House (as he had done the governor's chair in Texas before that).

Patch International Inc.: Not Letting The Oil Well Go Dry.
September 29, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) -The oil and gas industry - from the way it behaved in the aftermath of the year's twin disasters named Rita and Katrina - has had obstacles to overcome both on the PR and production side. World events and shortages in refining have caused prices to take an unorthodox rise. Though this might be unfortunate to the general public, investors in these types of companies have been able to see some benefit in these particular markets.

Striving To Fuel Our World: Barnabus Energy.
September 1, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) - Events in recent years have pointed out the urgency of finding alternative fuels - most recently, the skyrocketing price of gasoline at the pumps this summer. The continued dilemma in Iraq has given most consumers little hope that these prices will soon find their way down.

Producing the Drink of Ancient Times: Lion-Gri International, Inc.
August 18, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) - Some companies grace this page by their modern, state-of-the-art technology, by their efforts to be at the forefront of battling what unknown forces baffle or threaten us, whether through terrorism or disease. What you're about to read represents a departure from that trend, for this is a company that deals in something familiar, comfortable, pleasurable and as old as the hills.

Across The Universe: Universal Media Holdings.
July 13, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) - In the 1980s feature film, "Pump Up the Volume", Christian Slater's character is that of a high-school loner who suddenly gains power over his classmates by broadcasting subversive messages over pirate radio. The community is turned upside down by what it hears, before the kid realizes one stark message: information is powerful, and the transmission of it even more so.

Extracting wealth from "them thar hills": Firestone Ventures.
June 22, 2005 ( Media, Inc.) - The vast riches of the earth still hold much promise for ambitious prospectors and investors alike. The trick involves not only knowing where to look for your quarry, but to have the guts to follow through when, inevitably, things look most discouraging. Just as during Klondike Days, mining is a risky field, and the ones who succeed in it are those that can treat triumph and disaster just the same, and can share that same success with their financial backers.

Fighting The War Against Deadly Diseases.
June 13, 2005 ( - Perhaps it dates back to the days when diseases and the means to cure them were all in Latin, but some words that mean the most to our health and well-being are very hard to spell or pronounce. So it is with Chemokine Therapeutics (CTI :TSX), a company developing synthetic chemokines (pronounced KEE-MO-KINES) to address diseases, which threaten us all.


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