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Daily Technical Penny Stocks to Watch

Featured on April 28,2015

Penny Stock of the Day Metrics

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  • Traded Higher Than Pick Price After 30 Days: 95.2%

Examining the above metrics indicate that while our trade ideas can make quick moves up, like any type of investment, time and patience is key and these trade ideas are not necessarily one day wonders, but could take days or even weeks to fully materialize.

The above metrics along with our upside potential and downside risk assessment for each trade idea (available to AllPennyStocks.com Pro members only) give penny stock traders a significant edge in finding penny stocks poised to move higher based on their technical analysis merits.

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Managed High Yield Plus Fund Inc.
New York Stock Exchange: HYF


NYE:HYF complete analysis with upside and downside commentary available for AllPennyStocks.com Pro members on May 9th - 10th, 2015 in the weekly re-cap article. If you are not an AllPennyStocks.com Pro member, and would like more information on the service, click here.

The stock price direction for the day for HYF is UP. This stock is currently not trending in any direction or the stock may be fluctuating over the last 5 to 7 days, but after all the fluctuations, finds itself in roughly the same price point as it did when BullishInvestor.com started analyzing it 7 days earlier. As a result, the trend for this stock is too weak to properly analyze at this time. That being said, short spurts of share price increases or decreases can still occur even though a trend has not been properly analyzed which is why watching the BullishInvestor.com daily ratings may be able to pinpoint quick entry and exit levels in this stock. Based on BullishInvestor.com’s proprietary algorithms, HYF is currently signalling BULLISH.

The most recent Candle Stick pattern for HYF is the Belt-hold. Overall the technical indicators are signaling a bullish reading for HYF. As such, it may be a wise decision to consider HYF at these price levels. The last BEARISH rating was registered on Apr 14, 2015 when HYF was trading at $ 1.92.

This stock now finds itself with a new BULLISH rating and is worthy of a new look from a technical analysis perspective.

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Data as of: Apr 27,2015
Feature Date April 28,2015 BullishInvestor Rating BULLISH
Symbol HYF Exchange NYE
Price 1.91 Change +$0.02/+1.06%
Previous Close 1.89000002 Day Range 1.89-1.91
Volume 653359 Accuracy (Pro Members Only)

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