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Amyris Inc.
Nasdaq: AMRS
Featured on April 22,2014


The stock price direction for the day for AMRS is UP. The stock is experiencing a strong uptrend as of late, with an increase of more than 10 percent in the last three days. Based on BullishInvestor.com’s proprietary algorithms, AMRS is currently signalling BULLISH.

The most recent Candle Stick pattern for AMRS is the Three Outside Up/Down. Overall the technical indicators are signaling a bullish reading for AMRS. As such, it may be a wise decision to consider AMRS at these price levels. The last BEARISH rating was registered on Apr 10, 2014 when AMRS was trading at $ 3.64.

This stock now finds itself with a new BULLISH rating and is worthy of a new look from a technical analysis perspective.

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Data as of: Apr 21,2014
Feature Date April 22,2014 BullishInvestor Rating BULLISH
Symbol AMRS Exchange NSD
Price 3.54 Change +$0.24/+7.27%
Previous Close 3.3 Day Range 3.29-3.57
Volume 367363 Accuracy (Pro Members Only)

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