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Daily Technical Penny Stocks to Watch

Featured on February 09, 2016

Penny Stock of the Day Metrics

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12.46% Penny Stock of the day 30 day Average Return:

% Of Companies that have:
  • Risen In Value Next Trading Day: 50.0%
  • Traded Higher Than Pick Price After 7 Days: 85.0%
  • Traded Higher Than Pick Price After 30 Days: 90.0%

Examining the above metrics indicate that while our trade ideas can make quick moves up, like any type of investment, time and patience is key and these trade ideas are not necessarily one day wonders, but could take days or even weeks to fully materialize.

The above metrics along with our upside potential and downside risk assessment for each trade idea (available to AllPennyStocks.com Pro members only) give penny stock traders a significant edge in finding penny stocks poised to move higher based on their technical analysis merits.

Kaminak Gold Corp (Pink Sheets (OTO): KMKGF)


Since the market close on December 31st, Gold has propelled forward 12.6%. That’s a staggering move in such a short amount of time. With the price of gold moving higher, gold mining Companies are coming along for the ride as well, with many seeing their share prices skyrocket in the last month ...

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Data as of: Feb 08, 2016

Feature Date February 09, 2016
BullishInvestor Rating BULLISH
Symbol KMKGF
Exchange OTO (U.S.A)
Price $0.69
$ / % Change +$0.03 / +3.93%
Previous Close $0.6639
Day Range $0.662 - $0.7372
Volume 139,189
Accuracy (Pro Members Only)
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