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The One Key Indicator That Could Mean Near-Term Outperformance

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Earlier this morning, it appeared that futures for the S&P 500 would potentially have a shot at actually having a positive day. This all quickly changed after an intraday selloff ensued. While we reached another 52-week low on the S&P 500, closing down just -0.38% at 3,735.48 seems like a pretty good day if you compare it to the absolute awful performance by the index since the end of May. When looking at a basket of small and micro caps, the story is not too different, unfortunately. That’s why we have to continually get creative in turbulent times, because we can’t exactly wait around until the next bull market to start posting again. Instead, we have adapted and have taken new approaches to find potential outperformers within the penny stock realm.

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