Mining Legend Shawn Ryan Working With $0.17 Junior Miner To Unearth Next Major Gold Deposit

Mining Legend Shawn Ryan Working With $0.17 Junior Miner To Unearth Next Major Gold Deposit

By: Tomas Ronolski - News

Monday, June 5, 2023

The Yankees had the Babe. The Bulls had Michael Jordan. Gander Gold Corp. (CSE: GAND) (OTCQB: GANDF) has Shawn Ryan.

Shawn Ryan is a name that has become almost synonymous with gold prospecting in the 21st century. He is a legend in the mining industry, having gained international recognition for his remarkable success at discovering billion-dollar gold deposits in the Yukon, Canada. His innovative techniques and relentless spirit have established him as perhaps the world's greatest gold prospector, propelling him to near-mythical status in the industry.

When you sit at an echelon like Ryan, you can punch your own ticket. He could be leading teams and pulling down a lucrative salary at stalwarts like AngloGold Ashanti (NYSE: AU) or Gold Fields (NYSE: GFI), or even a mid-tier miner like Argonaut Gold (OTCQX: ARNGF) (TSX: AR), whatever he wants. Instead, along with his prospecting, claims staking and exhaustive research he is famous for, Ryan is serving as a Technical Advisor to a microcap, Gander Gold, on the other side of North America from where he became a mining legend.

Ryan was born to a working-class family in Timmins, Ontario, and never earned a degree in geology or mining engineering. Intuition and an unbridled curiosity resulted in an unorthodox, yet extremely effective, approach to gold exploration. In short, Ryan had a nose for finding gold in places everyone else was overlooking or had deemed impossible.

He’s on the hunt again. This time in Newfoundland in an area that has the potential to become Canada’s 21st Century Gold Rush. Many don’t need to be reminded that Ryan’s discovery in the Yukon triggered the largest staking rush since the Klondike, resulting in an economic boom that colloquially could be known as the “Ryan Rush.”

While some companies live and die by the drill bit from nearly day one (or as soon as they have capital to drill), Ryan’s techniques transformed traditional prospecting by pioneering the use of soil sampling at epic scale combined with technology, data analysis, and the principles of geochemistry as tenets of prospecting before a bit ever turns. Revolutionizing prospecting meant identifying vast swaths of unexplored potential with responsible spending.

The exploration strategy also speaks to Ryan’s passion for sustainability and respect for the environment.

He has brought this “sample, sample, and sample some more” skillset to Gander Gold, a perfect marriage for the Ryan way, a balance of sustainability and scale in the pursuit of riches. Scale Gander has in spades. Two years ago, just before the Newfoundland Gold Rush kicked into high gear, the company grabbed a massive 2,259 sq. km land position on the island. Two years and a Newfoundland-best 39,000 soil samples later, Gander Gold has more than enough exciting data to support the contention they’re next in line for a brand-new high-grade gold discovery in the region. They’ve initiated first-ever drilling starting with a rotary air blast rig (RAB), punching dozens of exploratory drill holes down to depths of roughly 60 to 80 metres to get a read on mineralization and vector toward high probability diamond drill targets.   

RAB drilling, using state-of-the-art technology, will cover four major projects beginning with the 485 sq. km Gander North Project on an apparent new gold trend starting 15 km east of New Found Gold’s Keats’ Zone discovery. The aptly-named New Found Gold (NYSE-American: NFGC) (TSX-Venture: NFG) became a household name in mining circles with its world class high-grade discovery in 2021.   

Gander’s highly focused approach has Ryan excited about what he sees. “Instead of hunting with a machine gun, it’s like we’re hunting with a sniper rifle,” he said in the Gander corporate presentation.

RAB drilling is currently testing conductive structures underneath widespread soil anomalies at Gander North, creating the opportunity for an instant new discovery and/or high-priority follow-up targets for upcoming diamond drilling. Gander North is first in a line of highly prospective properties being explored by Gander across its Newfoundland domain. Gander North, Mt. Peyton and BLT all have district-scale potential with large geochemically-rich zones coincident with favorable geophysical structures. RAB drilling will be carried out at all 3 projects into Q3 2023 followed by diamond drilling of best targets.

Ryan is not alone by any means; he is surrounded by a Gander team exuding excellence. Ultimately, his legacy in gold mining transcends the minerals he has discovered and the wealth he has generated. His innovative approach, commitment to sustainability, and the significant economic impact of his discoveries have forever changed the face of prospecting and mining. He’s done it in the West, now he can cement his name forever in mining lore by doing it again in the East.


Gander Gold Corp. (CSE: GAND) (OTCQB: GANDF) Full Corporate Write-Up: Click Here.


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