Image Protect Alerts Shareholders

Image Protect Alerts Shareholders

By: Dylan Sikes – News

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

San Clemente, Calif.-based Image Protect Inc. (OTC:IMTL) updated shareholders Tuesday on the strong progress the Company has made in its Fotofy segment since officially launching the platform in August. 

According to its website, Fotofy is “a theft-proof online image format with in-image advertising, hot links, social sharing and dynamic messaging – Fotofy.  As an option to the standard DMCA takedown, the image is replaced on the publisher’s website with an embeddable, trackable and secure image.”

Says CEO Matt Goldman, “Our progress to date on Fotofy following the launch has been ahead of schedule in many respects, and the platform has found traction in terms of image uploads for free image sharing."  

The company goes on to say the data on image submissions, uploads, and image sharing demonstrate extremely robust and accelerating growth.

September month-to-month growth in images submitted onto the Fotofy platform is up 200%. October month-to-month growth is an astonishing 3,840%. 

The stock price is bounding up 27.3% to 14/100ths of a cent on volume surpassing 37.9 million shares.

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