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Searching for low priced penny stocks about to explode in price and volume? So are we, and we search really, really, painstakingly. The “Under $0.10 Momentum Plays”, Pro’s newest and most popular feature is the hub for these type of investors. We look for penny stocks that hit everyone’s radar at the same time, and they move quickly. The “Under $0.10 Momentum plays”, one of the many features available to Pro members. For more information on Pro, or to get your 14 day free trial, click here.

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After 15 years of analyzing penny stocks, has become the clear choice of North American investors looking for the next penny stock winner. Pro is where to find them all...


Penny stock investors, specifically one’s that are new to the world of investing, often overlook the importance of finding the right penny stock to invest in. They just opened up a new brokerage account (U.S. discount brokerage accounts:, / CDN discount brokerage accounts:, and deposited some of their hard earned money into that account and are ready for the adventure of trading penny stocks.

Unfortunately, what ends up happening a lot of times, is they will hear a friend give them a stock tip, or will read an email somewhere touting a specific penny stock, and eager to invest in something, and to benefit from the “hot” tip, they jump into that Company and hope for the best. Well, that is by far the worst move one can make, especially with penny stocks, where close to 90% of them will likely be valued at a lower price 12 months down the road.

Months pass and that same investor is no longer excited about investing, instead they are disappointed as their “stock tip” turned out to be a dud, and now they have the frustrating choice of either selling that penny stock for a deep loss, or waiting for years and hoping that it will ever go back to the price that they paid for it.

As a bonus offer, with a free trial sign-up to Pro, members will also receive a free and exclusively prepared special report outlining the 5 most important topics that every penny stock investor needs to know in order to avoid some of the pitfalls of penny stock investing and learn how to spot great penny stock investments.

This report is exclusive to Pro members and is a must read for every penny stock investor, whether you're new to trading penny stocks or are an active trader already.

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Everybody loves free information, however free penny stock websites touting penny stock picks are free for a reason, quality information does unfortunately cost money, but the returns should more than make up for the subscription costs if the service is good.

There are thousands of free penny stock websites all over the web. Free penny stock sites will give you picks, however those picks are given because the actual penny stock Company has for the most part paid the stock pickers to pass on specifically prepared information on that Company, and that’s the best case scenario for email members. Other websites could secretly buy up shares in a specific penny stock, or receive stock as compensation, then “spotlight” the Company to it’s free website members in order to liquidate their position just as those investors are buying the stock. This practice, known as a pump and dump is illegal, however still happens frequently. There are other scams to watch out for which we won’t get into here, however the best thing for an investor to do if they do receive information from free penny stock websites, is to treat the information with a grain of salt and ALWAYS do their own research to make sure the investment is really a good one. To do that, an understanding of fundamental and technical analysis is imperative to be able to find the 5% to 10% of penny stock Companies that are worthy investments and separate them from the others. After all, finding these select few penny stocks are the key to penny stock investing, and finding the 100%, 200%, 300%+ gains are why investors dabble in penny stock investing in the first place.

How is Pro different? We NEVER get compensated by the Companies we spotlight; in fact they aren’t even aware that we are spotlighting them. We NEVER buy shares of the spotlighted Company beforehand, however we do pick up shares in the Company after our spotlight date, which means we pay the exact same price for shares as any of our Pro members, putting our money where our mouth is.

We ALWAYS analyze all of our Companies from a fundamental and technical perspective to make sure that the Company is a strong Company and that we haven’t missed anything. At the end of the day, our commitment is to our Pro members only. If they are unsatisfied with our picks, they will cancel their membership, it's as simple as that.

This is the type of Company you want to be associated with, and also the best way to find worthwhile penny stock investments that will grow in value and give you joy in investing, all the while knowing you have a newsletter that has YOUR best interest at all times. Pro is a premium newsletter / member section that analyzes penny stocks and provides its members with exclusive penny stock picks, daily trading ideas, custom stock scans / screeners, monthly commodity and indices analysis allowing you to be the first to know what direction the markets will be heading as well as special reports and ad-free viewing of

Founded in 1999, has positioned itself as one of the premiere authorities on penny stocks, finding countless winners for our Pro members and regular website visitors since its inception. We have and continue to exhibit as well as be key presenters for many financial conferences / seminars held throughout North America. has been highlighted in newspapers, magazines and on television throughout the years all because we have our ear to the ground in the penny stock markets and have plenty of knowledge to share. We work hard to deliver this knowledge and pass it on to our members by means of finding undervalued or simply overlooked penny stocks that are poised to move up significantly.

Our approach is simple, our team of experts has poured five years into the meticulous programming of’s sister site, to define the equations and algorithms to quickly and accurately evaluate over 15,000 stocks listed in Canada & the U.S. every day, both small-cap and large-cap to provide a daily rating based on technical merits.

With Pro,
we're all about finding winning penny stocks in any market condition! Try us free for 14 days!

After our expert secondary screening, our favorite pick is found and promptly distributed to the Pro newsletter subscribers. These combined screening efforts and expert input allows us to strive to reach our internal goal of a minimum of 90% accuracy on all our trades, and let's you get stock picks poised to move quickly without having to do any research or understanding complicated technical analysis charts.

Don't want to wait until we prepare a write-up on one of our roughly three monthly stock picks? As part of your Pro membership, members get unrestricted access to's most popular feature, the "Penny Stock of the Day." The Penny Stock of the Day provides investors with daily penny stock trade ideas and has become our flagship feature based on its impressive returns month in and month out. With 30 day averages ranging anywhere from 6% in severely declining markets to 25%+ in advancing markets, when calculated over a yearly basis, the Penny Stock of the Day feature has returned between 100% to 150%+ yearly returns in all market conditions.

Who doesn't like a quick moving low priced penny stock? If you're one of those traders always on the lookout for penny stocks trading under $0.10 that are making big moves in a short time period, we've got a feature just for you. Our "Under $0.10 Momentum Plays" feature highlights fast moving penny stocks trading at under $0.10. This feature is not for the faint of heart, as these stocks are highly risky, but can also be very profitable which is why it's seen so much interest. As soon as we see a low priced penny stock on the move, we alert our Pro members to the action with concise upward portential and downside risk with each penny stock so that you know not only what stock is on the move, but how best to trade it. It couldn't be easier.

Between our 2/3 monthly stock picks, daily penny stock trading ideas, under $0.10 momentum plays, market scans / scanners and exclusive stock market commentary, we pack plenty of knowledge and information on penny stocks in one convenient location.

If you are a new investor and this all seems intimidating, it really isn’t, as we prepare all our articles in a way that beginners can understand, and also highlight what features are best suited for each specific investor and their experience level. We’re also here to help by email or phone, so help is one click or phone call away.

If there is one last note to take away, it’s that we have absolute faith and pride in the Pro service. We are certain that you will find it of great use, which is why we offer a 14 day free trial, which allows you, the member to roam throughout the Pro site for 14 days reading all our articles, new and old and make your own decision on whether or not this service is for you. This is an option that many competing penny stock newsletters don’t offer you. Why would anyone pay upfront for a service that may not work for them? With Pro, go wild and enjoy the service for 14 days, free of charge. If you like it, great, we’re happy to pass on our knowledge of the penny stock markets to you. If for some reason it isn’t what you had in mind, we won’t be offended, simply let us know and we’ll part ways, no questions asked.

As one can see, there are many moving parts to understand the specifics of any technical chart, that's why at Pro we simplify everything for our investors by explaining what is important to note on every chart and Company that we evaluate so that not only can our investors learn a thing or two about technical analysis, but more importantly they won't need to spend countless time evaluating and researching charts. The only thing our investors need to do is watch for our 'Buy' and 'Sell' calls on our monthly stock picks and watch the profits roll in, it couldn't be easier! And if you prefer our Penny Stock of the Day feature, then a new pick is chosen every business day, giving you dozens of trading ideas every month.

Here's what you can expect with your subscription:

  • Up to three technical penny stock picks per month (Canadian & U.S. Listed Stocks trading under $5 a share)
  • Under $0.10 Momentum Plays Frequent articles highlighting and analyzing penny stocks trading under $0.10 per share poised for quick gains.
  • Monthly indices and commodity market analysis (List of Indices Tracked: Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000, TSX, TSX-Venture, Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil & others on occasion)
  • Unrestricted access to the "Penny Stock of the Day" content. (New penny stock trade idea every business day)
  • Custom stock scans / screeners (RSI, MACD, Multiple Moving Averages, Abnormal Volume)
  • Internet updates on focus stocks
  • Email alerts when there are changes to our portfolio
  • 12 month archives of stock picks, Penny Stock of the Day averages and market analysis
  • Special reports
  • Ad-free viewing of and Pro

A credit card is required to activate your 14 day free trial. You will never be charged during your free trial, and you can cancel at any time. If you decide not to cancel your subscription, your service will continue based on the rate plan you have chosen.