Haven’t Invested in the EV Renaissance Yet? Here’s a Cool Way In

Haven’t Invested in the EV Renaissance Yet? Here’s a Cool Way In

By: Dylan Sikes – AllPennyStocks.com News

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

In March, shares of Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO Inc. (NYSE:NIO) slumped to a low of $2.11, as interest for EVs was threatened amid the coronavirus pandemic. It wasn’t just NIO that languished, shares of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) dropped to $70.10 from $193 about a month earlier. The fear didn’t last long and EV stocks soared back, including NIO ballooning to $29.40 last week and Tesla cruising to a record high at $502 in August.

The reason these stocks won’t stay down is elementary: EVs are going to be mainstream in the coming decades; make no mistake about it. In major cities, Teslas are becoming a commonplace on roadways already, with more than 367,000 sold in 2019 and about 180,000 sold in the first half of 2020 despite the climate of the COVID-19 economy.

Considering shifting regulations towards emissions, including California Governor Gavin Newsom ordering the ban of gas-powered vehicles in the state by 2035, the EV renaissance is officially underway.

There are different approaches to participating in the EV space in addition to investing directly into automakers, such as investing in technology that is critical to EV performance. In particular, thermal management integral to safety and performance of the rechargeable batteries that power EVs is an attractive market.

This is true in the architecture of all EVs, albeit a $34,000 Tesla Model 3 or the $1.3 million GTE supercar from Drako Motors. Drako’s GTE churns out an insane 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of combined wheel torque and has the ability to output 1,800 continuous and 2,200 peak amps. That type of amperage qualifies the GTE as the highest continuous output EV battery in production today.

For its battery cooling needs, Drako turned to KULR Technology Group, Inc. (OTCQB: KULR) in July, marking the first foray into EVs for KULR’s carbon fiber thermal interface technology. The company offers a robust portfolio of products engineered for Lithium-ion batteries used in everything from EVs to mobile phones to toys and back again. Specifically, KULR provides products that not only dissipate heat generated by Li-ion batteries, but those that protect against the spread of fire, known as thermal runaway in Li-ion nomenclature, should a default (e.g. explosion, fire) occur in one cell.

Since inception, KULR focused its business on space applications where the idea of a Li-ion battery fire could be catastrophic. Through its relationships with NASA, Boeing (NYSE:BA), Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) and more, KULR’s thermal management technology has been proven through multiple space missions, including those for the International Space Station missions and the latest Mars exploration.

In that lane, Airbus Defense and Space, a unit of airplane juggernaut Airbus (OTC:EADSY), this month partnered with KULR to utilize KULR’s passive propagation resistant battery design solutions for its ongoing research into Li-ion battery testing and safety for flight applications.

Validated in the harshest environments known to man, KULR started rolling-out its technology to commercial markets in the last year, including the new venture with Drako this summer.

“Drako’s GTE is the epitome of electric vehicle power and incredible heat generation from a 450-volt Li-ion battery system,” said KULR CEO Michael Mo in a conversation with AllPennyStocks.com. “We take great pride in being the brand of choice for discerning customers that know they can’t make any sacrifices when it comes to thermal management or cell thermal runaway propagation.”

Even though some of the high-profile customers represent extreme scenarios for KULR’s technology, the company can service any application using Li-ion batteries. In fact, due to the superior characteristics of carbon fiber (flexibility for example) at the core of KULR technologies, KULR products could supplant many legacy technologies in use today from small consumer goods to EVs to large industrial energy storage applications.

This is an important distinction pertaining to the value of KULR now that it is building momentum as a go-to brand for commercial applications. It doesn’t matter if it is for a mobile phone, an electric tractor trailer, a cordless drill, a computer on Pluto or anything else using Li-ion batteries, engineers are routinely challenged with balancing power, safety and thermal management. In any case, KULR can answer the call with next-generation carbon fiber technology.

“Our go-forward strategy is to undergo both vertical and horizontal expansion as pioneers in every aspect of Li-ion technology, including the EV revolution,” said Mo when speaking to the future of the company.

Investors should get a more detailed look at progress in the coming months when KULR reports third quarter results, which will be looking to build on a second quarter where revenue jumped 257% year-over-year.

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